About the House

Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa serves as a unique space for the public. Originally a residence, today the House has been revived and transformed into a community centre and creative space.

From hosting events to brainstorming sessions and acting as a co-working zone, the House provides versatile areas in which you can learn, work, debate, explore and socialize.

Your Spaces

The House offers multiple spaces to hire for various events and occasions. The Courtyard can accommodate a group of 250 people and there are also more intimate settings for smaller groups. Essential facilities are available in each space.


Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition at Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa will provide guests with an overview of the history of the house, its former owner and the Cultural Sites of Al Ain.

Through its emphasis  on Al Ain during the Transition Period, visitors to the exhibition learn about the evolution of the House and the transformation of the surrounding city over the past 60 years.